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Reflections on the SPP Roundtable event, Value for Money in DC

My personal reflection on the SPP’s excellent Roundtable event on Value for Money in Workplace DC Schemes was that financial education remains a key issue.

SPP Annual Report 2014

Date: 20-08-2015

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New Pensions Taxation Regime: Members’ Existing Entitlements to Protection or to Enhanced Allowances – Template Member Declarations

Under the new pension taxation regime, beginning on April 6th, 2006, Scheme Administrators have three basic responsibilities when retirement benefits are paid to members

The New Lifetime Allowance: Standard Information for A-Day

In the run-up to April 6th , 2006 (A Day for the new pension taxation regime) SPC expects scheme administrators to be dealing with significant numbers of requests for benefit information from members, seeking to assess what action they might take in relation to primary and enhanced protection of existing benefits in relation to the lifetime allowance under the new regime.

SPC News 2013

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Annual Report 2012

Date: 31-12-2012

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SPC News 2012

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Annual Report 2011

Date: 31-12-2011

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SPC News 2011

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SPC Conference Poll Results – 2011

Date: 06-10-2011

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