SPP update week ending 19/9/14

Added to the agenda

House of Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee Inquiry into Progress with Auto-Enrolment Pension Reforms (link to it)

Responded to

Applying Standards: Proposals for the Introduction of a New Actuarial Professional Standard APS X1 – Applying Standards to Actuarial Work (link to it)

Forthcoming and recent meetings

SPP Public Relations Committee 16/9/14

SPP European Sub-Committee 22/9/14

SPP Defined Contribution Committee 18/9/14

SPP Council 24/9/14

Other news

The handout for the SPP London evening meeting on 16/9/14 (Barry Mack, Hymans Robertson spoke on the subject of LGPS Reforms – Governance Brings Public and Private Closer) is available by clicking here.