The 2016 Society of Pension Professionals’ Annual Conference was a resounding success

Over 130 delegates attended the event and they said:

“This is possibly the most interesting conference I have attended”

“Excellent topics – good and entertaining speakers”

“Unusually, my attention never wandered!”


Highlights from the conference included:

An address from Lesley Titcomb, the Pensions Regulator, on the challenges of pensions regulation, in which she called for a debate about the type of pensions regulation that we want in the UK and how this should be resourced, as well as the need for trustees to take seriously the issue of cyber security


A summary of recent events involving BHS, Halcrow and British Steel from Neil Bowden of Allen & Overy, in which he concluded that the Pensions Regulator has sufficient powers to regulate UK pension schemes effectively but that changes may need to be made to the process for exercising those powers and to ensure that the Regulator is adequately resourced


A panel on the key challenges for pension regulation in which Darren Philp, the People’s Pension, called on the Government to develop a coherent narrative to underpin pensions policy


A comparison of the pension systems in the UK and Australia from Jeremy Cooper, Challenger Ltd, Australia, in which he highlighted the fact that in Australia the focus is on moving away from seeing pensions as a means of wealth creation to using them to provide a retirement income


A tour de force from Tim Jones, former CEO of NEST, who said that 35 to 55 year olds risked being the lost generation for pensions who will be unusually dependant on the state pension, and


A panel on the future of retirement savings chaired by Nigel Waterson, NOW: Pensions, in which Greg McClymont, Aberdeen Asset Management, highlighted the tension between increasing the savings rate and economic growth, Michael Johnson, Centre for Policy Studies, called for the creation of Workplace ISAs and Minh Tran, Willis Towers Watson, said that Lifetime ISAs would have appeal because ISAs are simple and popular.


Press coverage

The conference has received considerable press coverage including:

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