SPP Roundtable – June 2020 – Value for Money in Defined Benefit Schemes

Jun 17

SPP Roundtable – June 2020 – Value for Money in Defined Benefit Schemes

10.00 - 11.30
Who can attend:

Attendance is restricted to staff of SPP Member organisations.  The Roundtable is not planned to be a large event.  Attendance will initially be limited to one person from each SPP member, strictly on a first come, first served basis, but if you would like more than one person to attend, subject to availability, please let us know.


The theme is “Value for Money in Defined Benefit Schemes”.


Our facilitators will be John Wilson (Head of Technical, Research and Policy, Spence and Partners) and Laura Andrikopoulos (Partner, Hymans Robertson LLP).


Microsoft Teams

Cost and Booking:

Attendance is free of charge.

We look forward to receiving your organisation’s booking by completing the booking slip available here or by using the online booking form and informing us of:

  • Name of attender
  • Specific Topics to Discuss
  • Name of Organisation
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number


1000 – Roundtable
1130 – Finish


The Roundtable is accredited with up to 1½ hours under the PMI CPD Scheme, and might be relevant to other professions’ CPD requirements.

Further Details:

The aim is to stimulate high level discussion among senior policy makers within SPP members.

Do not miss this opportunity for an informal Roundtable discussion led by these eminently qualified facilitators.

As one of the facilitators at a recent Roundtable said

The Roundtable is a great opportunity for colleagues to have a frank discussion of key issues and to gain insights on how these can be dealt with.  I would highly recommend attending.